Manage reputation and improve resident experience

Social Compass provides a single view of your organization's online reputation in a multifamily-specific platform. Organizations can boost their reputation, improve service recovery, increase resident acquisition and loyalty, and impact revenue in one centralized platform.


Reputation Management

Continuously monitor reviews and comments from social media, third-party review sites and surveys to bring all aspects of resident experience into a single integrated platform. Social Compass captures resident feedback from hundreds of different sources, then centralizes and accurately interprets that data creating a key strategic asset – your resident’s voice.


Feedback Analysis

Truly understand resident feedback and explore all aspects of their experience. Our multifamily-specific Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology accurately decodes resident feedback identifying phrases, themes and keywords, and distills individual actionable insights tied to operational categories. Track customer experience scores across categories, locations, and individuals, understand and predict trends and be alerted to outliers.


Centralized Engagement

Engage residents by responding to negative commentary while promoting positive reviews, turning consumers into brand ambassadors. Invite and publish testimonials to dramatically improve online presence. Collect surveys via tablet at the point of experience or via email, and incorporate third-party survey data.


Operational Insights

Set targets and monitor resident experience scores driven directly by real-time resident feedback. Benchmark reputation scores within your organization and against peers and local or national competitors. Leverage the data to drive improved management services and help focus investment by identifying those aspects of the resident experience which most influence satisfaction.